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These have inspired me through the years.

Let's create an heirloom together.

One of a Kind Pieces for 35+ Years

Iris 1988

1st class project done for the first SG class I ever took. Took 6 weeks. 100 hours. My brother made the double sided pine frame. By then I knew I had found what I was looking for.

State Fair 1989

Iris received an Honorable Mention before they ever had a Stained Glass category.

Wedding 2006

Rendition of my daughter on her wedding day. This was my first 3D piece. The flowers.

Ministry of Reconciliation

Description of the Christ for an Art contest at church.

The Christ 2009

3D piece. His hands are mine, wood with metal rings and leather for the Cross and barbed wire for his crown. This was a gift from God.

State Fair 2009

Christ on the Cross

Bible Study 2011

A Piece designed for our teacher, Prissy, from the theme of the study. She has since gone to be with the Lord.

Easter Sunrise 2016

I was in tears when I found the purple glass. This piece was truly inspired.

The Cross

Description of the Cross for an Art contest at church.

Mom's rose Jan 2020

1st Mosaic style with stained glass. 3D pieces through out and seed beads for the stigma. I really enjoyed doing this piece.

Mom's rose 2020

3D. Seed beads for the stigma

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